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In today's world, sports and fashion come hand in hand. From the HALLWAYS having become the new RUNWAYS, to athletes of every sport gracing the red carpets, sitting front row at fashion shows and creating their own fashion lines, Jasmine is taking the athlete style game to the next level.  

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sports and fashion style at your  fingertips. 

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Strappy Manolo Blahniks, a cherry-red Styland power suit, a tufted high ponytail, glistening Ruchi New York earrings, a sparkly Forevermark bracelet, and a Hublot watch. Throw in the annual Time 100 Gala and Alex Morgan, the forward for the United States national soccer team, and you’ve got all the makings of what was one very magical evening in New York City.

Ahead of hitting the red carpet, the Olympic medalist got primped and prepped at her hotel with the help of her glam squad, stylist, and, well, us (tbh, we didn’t do so much besides snap some incredible photos). Music was playing, healthy snacks were being passed around (naturally), and spirits were high as Morgan’s stylist, Jasmine Caccamo, made sure the suit (the first that the soccer player has ever worn on a red carpet) sat *just* right for her special night. Of course, not all good things last forever, and before we knew it Morgan was hugging everyone goodbye and chugging a glass of water before she floated away for the celebratory evening that lay ahead.

-the coveteur 

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